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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Yesterday's Produce.

Sunshine top almost together.
Did I ever tell you that my son works in the fruit and veg department? Well, he does. He's a fulltime fruit and veg guy in Adelaide and has been for some years now. As I raced out the door last night to do a little food shopping I called out to the kids "What do you want?" Both of my Melbourne sons replied with "Oranges!", then "Apples and bananas.". Straightaway this quilt came to my mind. (Well, I had been working on it all day!) Really I should call it Oranges, apples, and bananas, cause that's what it reminds me of. (Ok. Possibly stretching it on the apples, but not if pink ladies are your favourite apple, and they are mine!)

Oh. And I don't have a headache today. Yay! Apart from the food shopping I also managed to hit two fabric shops yesterday. As I worked on the quilt above I felt a sudden need to purchase some backing. I think I thought that the top was almost finished and I might feel a sudden need to baste and quilt it so I had better be prepared. So funny! Perhaps I just wanted to go to a fabric shop. (Now that does ring true, doesn't it?) I managed to find backing for this quilt and another. Then I popped into the next fabric shop. They were having a sale. (Yep. Spotlight. When are they not having a sale? They had 30% off quilting fabric.) I managed to pick up some fabric to make Christmas pressies for my side of the family. Handmade Christmas here I come! It's funny how the purchase of some fabric makes me feel organised and productive. Imagine how over the moon I will be when I actually make something. Jess and I chatted yesterday about the whole Handmade Christmas thing and it turns out she is waaaay more productive than I am. She already has a stack of presents waiting to be wrapped. It's hard to feel eclipsed by your own children because mostly you just feel proud of them and glad that they have turned out to be so awesome. It is pretty great being the mother of awesome children!


quiltygal said...

Yep awesome kids are the best :) love the fruity quilt.....makes me want to go finish my Grannies but I have other stuff to finish first....glad that the headache is gone :) xxx

Little House on the Hill said...

The sunshine top lookes great, nice warm colours

Hope you are feeling much better