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Friday, 21 September 2012

Brown paper packages tied up with string..... (yes, a few of my favourite things!)

My Bradley had some appointments in Adelaide this week. He stayed with our daughter Jess (picklesticks) and her family. When he came home he brought a brown paper package tied up with string (and a button. It's funny, but Julie Andrews never mentions the button) from Jess. It contained a key ring that she had made, and yes, it's now one of my favourite things.

Most of our family members love to make all sorts of things. Making is very important to me. One of the reasons I fell in love with my Bradley was that he made things for me. He crocheted a nose-warmer with a pompom on the tip for me early on in our relationship. (Well, it was winter, and my nose was cold!) I thought it was a beautiful and thoughtful gift. He remembered that my nose was cold, and he handmade something to fix the problem. My friends thought it was ugly and handmade, but I loved it and wore it. (This was the '80s people. There was nothing worse than handmade in the '80s! Not for me though. Growing up my mother made most of our clothing, her clothing and decorated our home all with handmade items and I loved it all!) Since then he has made many things for me. It's all so "Little House on the Prairie". I read the books before the tv show started and I loved that Pa would make gifts for Ma.

This week I haven't really made anything. I think I have the making equivalent of writer's block, or I'm just a bit out of sorts. So far all I have made is a mess all over my sewing desk. However, Sophie has made a cardigan, a hat, a dress and has been working on two rugs. Maxim built a skateboard and has been working on a carved Santa. Lily has been working on her Princess Bubblegum costume and has been carving a sword. Asher has spent the week building lego vehicles and buildings. Hmm... I had better get my act together!


Little House on the Hill said...

What a nice little parcel. The keyring is sweet. Lucky you

Q said...

Love your little parcel and loved this blog post. The story about how Bradley made you stuff, made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

remember messes on sewing tables become things too!

Lotti said...

I've been too busy working and sleeping to hand make anything, or make anything at all. I'd like to be doing some making, but not to be at the moment. Hope the block goes away soon and you make something nice.

Suzanne said...

I love handmade gifts too, especially from my husband. It truely is "the thought that counts".

Shontelle said...

You are definitely being out-crafted by your family....get a wriggle on!