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Sunday, 2 September 2012


I had planned to baste today, but didn't quite get that far. I did get the batting down from upstairs which is further than I have got any other day this week. Tomorrow might just be basting day. Instead we did Father's Day type things and went to church. It takes quite a bit to celebrate Father's Day here because my Bradley is a father eight times over. Well, we have been married for a million years now you know. Actually, we are closing in on our thirtieth wedding anniversary which is nothing short of amazing. Seriously. How can we possibly have a thirtieth wedding anniversary when we are both still in our twenties? It's quite mind boggling!

This is my Bradley shooting hoops with number one son quite some time ago now. He still goes to shoot hoops with son number three. (There are only three boys amongst our eight children) It keeps you busy all that hoop shooting! He has spent most of this evening chatting on the phone to our Adelaide based children. So, I hope your family's all had a great father's day. And tomorrow I might just baste a quilt.


Suzanne said...

I completely understand your Math! We celebrated our 30th Anniversary this year, but I still think I am in my 30's! Basting can wait...family first!

Shay said...

Moving that batting from upstairs is the first step. Do you want me to send Little P over?

Lorraine said...

I think moving the batting definitely counts as basting....even thinking about it counts....well...almost. I think my mojo is probably still upstairs...can't find it anywhere...hopefully it will come back at some stage! Hope your Bradley had a great Fathers Day...