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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lily's Peppermint Butler Bag.

Peppermint Butler on Lily's hip - off to church.
Yesterday Lily made a Peppermint Butler bag. (If you are not sure who he is find out here.) As the mother of teenagers I need to know all about important subjects like "Adventure Time" so I can hold intelligible conversations with my children. It's important you know! Anyway, this is Lily's Peppermint Butler Bag. He is fully lined, made of felt and comes complete with zipped top. He is the first piece of her school holiday project. Next comes her Princess Bubblegum outfit. (Honestly. That's her name! Find out who she is here.) I'm pretty sure Lily has homework to do too these holidays, but she will be leaving that to the last minute I think. I think she's awfully clever because she designed and made him herself. When her Dad asked her how she knew what to do she said that she had seen both Jess and I make lots of things which helped and it also helped her realise that you just make it up as you go along. Yep. My philosophy of life as imparted to my children: Make it up as you go along!

His tails.


Joolz said...

One very talented girl, I think. It's fanastic! I can't wait to see the Princess Bubblegum outfit. I love it when kids are creative!

Cheers - Joolz

Suzanne said...

I don't know who this character is, but your daughter is very clever in her creation. Good job!

Maree: said...

Love the Bag it looks Great...Well Done.

Lorraine said...

just catching up on some blogs posts.....you do indeed have awesome children...no doubt their awesomeness is inherited from you and your Bradley....you are all so clever! Love the key ring Jess made for you.....and the list of things being made by you all is really inspiring! Lily's bag is amazing....just make it up as you go along ...Love it!! have a great making week....and may the headache stay away!

Jantine said...

Very, very smart girl with an awesome bag!