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Saturday, 22 September 2012

A tree

a tree, partway through the painting process
I have been struggling with a headache for a few days now. Nothing seems to shift it. Yesterday I thought it hurt so much that I couldn't really do anything. Today it hurts so much I can't possibly do nothing. I guess it is changing at least! So I decided to paint this MDF tree that I bought last year at Spotlight. I am completely amazed at how many edges it has. Eventually it will all be white (I hope) with some glitter paint over the top. I'm not sure whether I am a glitter type person or not. Anyway, the paint is bought and I am definitely putting it on. Hopefully it will be pretty!


Sarah said...

head ache for a few days... crap... At least craft provides some therapy! Hope it goes with tonights sleep.

Shontelle said...

Your poor head. You are definitely a glitter person. I think that secretly everyone is. Glitter is beguiling....I even have edible glitter for my cupcakes. Embrace the sparkle.