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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


A photo from my pinboard
Yes, I am on pinterest (and twitter, and facebook, and google+) but this post is not about any virtual pinboards. It is about the pinboards on my wall in my sewing room. I have four from Ikea stuck up on my wall with reusable 3M velcro hooks. Sometimes I pin notices that are time sensitive and important to the running of our family. (I must admit here to having a large pinboard on the wall in the kitchen where most family oriented notices are pinned, and a large pinboard right above the family computer in the dining room just because.) Mostly though I pin beauty onto my pinboards to inspire me and make me feel happy. Some of the things on my pinboards have been there for four houses. (Only three years. Gosh we must love to move!) Other things have only been there for a matter of months or weeks. Most of it has been made by me or somebody that I know. The photo above features a page torn out of a magazine. It is a blue and green curtain and it has been on my pinboard for a very long time. I planned to make those curtains four houses ago. Then we moved. I still might make them one day. I thought I would share them with you tonight because it seems that blue and green are suddenly my two favourite colours. This photo shows though that I have been in love with blue and green for a very long time. So my passion for Sarah Vee's Wonky Churn Dash quilt is not unexpected really. My bee mates from Care at do. Good Stitches are busy making these for me at the moment. In fact, Lucy's are already pinned up on my pinboard looking down on me as I type this. Once I finish the quilt I am thinking that I will donate it to Inspirational Quilts which provide quilts mainly for kids with cystic fibrosis. Apparently a quilt can help soften the blow of your worst day ever. (The day you find out that you have cystic fibrosis) I think that if I could do something to soften the blow of someone's worst day ever, that would be extremely worthwhile. That's one reason I am loving being a part of do. Good Stitches. Another reason is the opportunity I am having to "bee" friends with the Care members. I didn't know any of them before joining this bee, and I like them. Proving yet again that we quilters are a pretty good lot! Oh. If you want to join a charity bee you can check out do. Good Stitches here, or google it. (My children think I am in love with google. They're pretty much correct about that!) Anyway, I am off to bed now despite the relatively early hour. So. Tired. Sleep.....

My wonky churn dash block 

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