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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Water Globe...

water globe, or snow globe complete with LED lights and snow blower
 I went to Costco for the first time today. I don't often go to the city (where Costco is) and so have never really been interested in getting a Costco membership, but then I heard from someone that one was being built not far from our house. Hmm... I was a little more interested then. My Bradley signed up and today we trawled the aisles there together for the first time. Christmas has already come to Costco and I saw a beautiful "water globe". Ok. I would call it a "snow globe", but the box proudly proclaims it to be a water globe. I looked at buying a snow globe last year, but didn't quite make the commitment. This one not only has a snow blower when you press the button (battery required) but also two LED lights! And it was half the price of my favourite one last year. I was sold. So now we have Christmas sitting on our making table. Not sure how many days until Christmas, but I need all the encouragement I can get because I want to have a handmade Christmas this year and I need to get started!

It's hard to see inside the snow, but it has a white Christmas tree inside.


Lotti said...

I really like that, it's very very pretty, and I can just see the christmas tree inside.

Jantine said...

This is terrific! Something to enjoy every day, even in spring ;-)!!!