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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mother's Day Recap

My Dad last Sunday. One day I will be white-haired just like him. One day soon quite possibly.

It quite possibly is strange for me to begin a Mother's day post with a picture of my Dad. Well, ok. It's definitely strange, but in my mind Mother's day and my Dad go hand in hand. This is probably because my Dad's birthday sometimes falls on Mother's day and in fact that happened this year. Whilst in Adelaide the kids and I had dinner with Mum and Dad on Mother's day. 

My Mum being photobombed by my nephew. She has less grey hair than I do! She is 70, but has great genetics!
It was a fun evening and my sister and her kids dropped in to catchup after dinner. Much laughing and ooohing and ahhhing over how tall/deep voiced everyone is. Well, ok. The boys at least. A fun way to spend Mother's day. (Oh. Now that I have told you my Mum's age I'll have to mention that my Dad turned 79.)

Mr 11 on that train!

Mother's day brooches
When we got home from Adelaide Mr 11 gave me the brooch he had made with Miss 25 (she taught a class and he participated). Hers is on the right and his is on the left. His was pretty good for his first Sculpy attempt I thought. I am wearing it right now!

Mother's day cards
I also got handmade cards from the kids too. I have them pinned up on my sewing room noticeboard because I love to look at them lots! I have to say that I love the whole handmade thing (in case you hadn't noticed) it makes me feel so happy. Off now to hand make something!


Lotti said...

The mothers day cards I remember and loved the most were always the ones that the kids made.

Daisy Jayne said...

I always loved the home - made Mothers Day card....still have a box of goodies of my children home made and early school days cards...
Looks like you had a great family ---Mothers Day

Sarah said...

those brooches are gorgeous!

GOsh I love the look of your mum - she looks so young and cheerful!

Shay said...

Your Mum looks amazing. I would have picked her at about 50!

I have every hand made card I ever got....great memories and like you I adore hand made!

Leanne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful mothers day. I will be grey with you.