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Thursday, 31 May 2012

...and as May slowly sinks away...

Drying pumpkin seeds on my daughter's bench.
Hmm... I often mark the beginning of the month with a blogpost, but rarely the end of a month. For some reason this week I seem to be watching the month finish in slow motion.

  • I have managed a couple of finishes this month. (I thought it would be more.) 
  • I started knitting again.
  • I have visited the kids in Adelaide. In fact my Bradley also managed to visit the Adelaide kids this month, which is much rarer because he is usually busy in Melbourne working. 
  • My Bradley got an office outside of our home. This is really weird for us. The last time he had an office outside of the house was more than eighteen years ago. We sure are used to having him on call. 
  • It got chilly here in Melbourne this month. I like it cold!
That's about it for May. I am looking forward to June. June will bring picklesticks and her family to Melbourne for a visit. It also brings Uni holidays and we are looking forward to seeing Miss 20 sometime in those holidays. I think June will be busy. Can't wait.


Sarah said...

We have redesigned the home so dh will have his own office... Even manage to close a door. Ekkkk

Now the renovations start when council approve the changes and slight pushing out of walls at the end of the house...

Katherine said...

Unbelievable that the month of May is at its end. I'm not sure where it went. ;o)

Sounds like a big adjustment with your hubby having a office outside of home after so many years. It certainly take some getting used to.

Here's to a wonderful June! We're gearing up for the new month planning some vacation time with family and some time to go camping, swimming etc.

Shay said...

It's June already????Good grief where did April go? Did I miss it?

I cant wait to hear about your June adventures.

Joolzmac said...

You are always so busy with comings and goings! I don't know how you keep up? This year is just zooming by. I am pleased to say, apart from going out to dinner tonight, I don't have a thing written on my calendar! Yay! Oh, apart from a trip to Adelaide for the long weekend to see the girlies! Yay!

Cheers - Joolz