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Thursday, 31 July 2008

2006 Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial

So, I have been trying to post this since Thursday. I don't know if the problems were caused by my computer or blogger. Anyway, it all seems to be working now! Thursday morning we (Mrs 23, grandson, Mr 14, Miss 11, Mr 7 and myself) met some friends at the State Library. Our mission was to see the 2006 Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial exhibition at the Flinders University Gallery at the State Library. We had been planning to visit the exhibition separately and together for some time, but only got there last week because it finishes this weekend. Ahh! How deadlines make us perform! I heard about the exhibition from The Bird Bath in one of her posts. She loved it, and so did I!!! So many exciting pieces of stitching!!! The Gallery has a no photos policy (aww!), but if you google my title you will find some photos from this travelling exhibition.

This piece which is in the State Library is just beautiful! We are particularly interested in woodcarving at the moment because Mr 14 has just started woodcarving classes. It is something he has had an interest in for a while now. His interest manifested itself initially when he started borrowing woodcarving books from the library. After reading a few he began to start carving with his pocketknife. It would have been at this point that a good parent would have taken him to classes. I waited about six months, but he's there now, so I'm not so bad. He has one more week working on his test piece and then he will need to start his own piece. So the State Library was inspirational for stitching and carving!

The SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival started yesterday. This is one festival that I love! I will be off to exhibitions all over the place for SALA. The best thing is that art is everywhere. Cafes have exhibitions, Nurseries have exhibitions (I'm off to Newman's this week), there are even exhibitions at shopping centers. I'm looking forward to lots of inspiration over the next 3 weeks or so! What is the source of your inspiration?


Lotti said...

You really do some very interesting things....this exhibition sounds like it would have been a great thing to see. And you think you are the only parent who has waited to send their child to a class (LOL)....not likely. My miss A wants to go to Art Classes and has done for ages and we are only just getting around to organising to get her there. That's the way life is sometimes...anyway maybe the child is more keen to start when they have had to wait a little.

Bird Bath said...

lot's of inspiration around these neck of the woods eh? I thought the textile exhibition was marvellous.

melissa said...

Wow, that frame is gorgeous. I would love to learn wood carving. Imagine the possibilities...