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Tuesday, 8 July 2008


In my new sewing room (which is taking a long time to get organised!) I have new pinboards. In my old sewing room I had canite between my bench and the overhead cupboards which was painted the same colour as the walls and was virtually invisible. Canite is so expensive these days that I opted for a collection of Ikea pinboards, which are anything but invisible as you can see!

I thought I might be able to make them disappear a little if I painted them white. I used some watered down white acrylic paint topped with some water-based estapol. The estapol knocks back the white to a very soft white which I like a lot. I have used this method with picture frames in the past. I was really happy with the wooden frames, but the painted cork didn't look quite so good. So I thought about it a lot and decided to staple some fabric over the cork. Don't ask me why, but I needed to think about it for a week before I did it. It seemed very scary! Today (Monday) I covered the first board. It was easy. (Why do I worry so much?) I am very happy with the result.

Progress in my sewing room is very slow, but I'll get there!

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Bird Bath said...

The pin up boards are looking fantastic...I like the effect of the white wood. It looks like the Porter's milkwash paint (which is rather expensive to buy from Porter's).The fabric finishes them perfectly.
How exciting to be setting up a fresh, inspiring new sewing room!!