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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Nappies and Covers (and a birthday)

I copied this photo from Picklesticks. (Who has a birthday today and graduates from being Mrs 23, to being Mrs 24!!! Happy Birthday!!!) With her permission of course! I had to do that because the nappies we made this week are all at her house. (Which makes sense because that's where the baby is too!) My grandson is modelling a fitted cloth nappy designed by Mrs 24. (She is soooooooo clever!) It is made of bamboo fleece. (It's actually an 80% bamboo, 20% cotton mix) Mrs 24 chose bamboo because it is more absorbant than cotton. When she was pregnant she knew she wanted to use cloth nappies and began to research them on the net. I was blown away by all her plans, but she designed the nappies and we have made them (she did most of the work) and I have to say they are quite easy to make. We did go to a shop on Magill road to have a look at what nappies (bamboo, hemp and microfibre) are available ready made and to check out nappy covers. They were wonderful, but expensive, and as my grandson's family are students we figured DIY was the way to go.

This is my first polar fleece nappy cover. It was a snap to make, so I had better go make some more!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I love the sound of bamboo fleece! The nappies and covers look fabulous! what a great way to save the environment. Well done and Happy Birthday to Mrs 24!!

maria said...

Hi and thanks for the comment on my blog.
I visited Adelaide in my much younger days whilst backpacking. I remember it as a lovely city.
Love the nappies. We used washable ones but they were bought, never thought of making them.

Mys liv och hem said...

"A mother of eight" you have write...Do you have eight kids?Amazing mother :)

Kate said...

Nice nappy - interesting to hear about the bamboo.

Dee said...

I just learnt about Bamboo this week. Very cool stuff. i have very sensitive skin and I am about to use it as a face washer. So soft so nice. That baby is so lucky.

Lorraine said...

they look great and are way better than disposables...well done!

LOUISE said...

Kris, you could go in production with these, they are fantastic! A bit too late I fear for me to have a baby to put one on! x