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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Miss 11's sudoku quilt

When Mrs 24 was 19 she did a design foundations course at TAFE. It covered a little big of everything designwise (fashion, graphic, illustration, multimedia, etc) and taught about the design process. She enjoyed it very much and would come home and take over the kitchen table with her homework. Miss 11 loved to be with her sister and she would 'do' her homework too. Whatever Mrs 24 did, she would do. We used to think it was so cute to see this 6 year old copying her sister and 'pretending' to work. Well, I don't know how much 'pretending' went on because she really understands design principles very well. She also plans and designs everything she makes. Her first step always involves paper and pencils. Last week she designed a sudoku quilt. She loves doing sudoku and whilst in the middle of of a sudoku she was inspired and quickly grabbed graph paper and pencils to design her sudoku quilt. We then looked in our fabric stash to choose fabrics. We decided that we would have to go to spotlight to fill the gaps in the stash. When we got to spotlight we noticed that they had their flat fats on special for $1 each and figured at that price we could buy all the fabric and have a really co-ordinated look. This is what she chose. Miss 11 has made small quilts before, but decided the time was right to make her first bed sized quilt. So she had her first lesson on rotary cutting and cut all the fabrics out. Next is learning to chain piece. We just need to get a day at home to do that! Today we are off to the botanical gardens with homeschooled friends to picnic and then visit a textile exhibition at the State Library. (There's gotta be something fun for us Mums too!) Must go!!!


Lotti said...

Oh these fabrics are gorgeous and I especially love the fabric right at the top. Can't wait to see the finished product...should be awesome. I'm not great at it, but love TRYING at sodoku

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I love Miss 11's quilt choices - very colourful. Great concept to use Sudoku as inspiration. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!