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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Teenagers and play. (Ready, set, play!)

Remember this? This is Miss 18 last December after a brush with a hair artist at Art at the Hart. Miss 18 is an artist herself and she was fascinated with this hair artist's work. She spent quite a while watching her and just as the artist was about to pack up she offered to do Miss 18's hair. This was the result. Miss 18 was inspired and began collecting things to 'do' hair artistry herself. Miss 16 loves to wear outrageous hair and loves Miss 18 to practise on her. I consider this to be play - teenaged play. Miss 18 plays with hair to create an outrageous 'do' and Miss 16 plays with people's reactions when they see her outrageous 'do'. Yesterday they spent the day at the local shopping centre. If you went to the shops yesterday and saw a teenaged girl with hair sticking straight up, with a bow and butterfly, then you saw my daughter! It is a form of dressing up. My girls love to wear 'costumes', put makeup on and then go out to play! I think that play is important at every stage of life.

Picklesticks (Mrs 23) and my grandson came over today to sew. (He may only be 2 or 3 weeks old, but we believe in starting them young!) We are in the throes of finishing off all the things neccessary for a modern cloth nappy wearing baby. Fitted nappies, nappy covers, polar fleece liners, and flanelette wipes. Sometimes Mrs 23 sews and I hold her precious bundle, sometimes I sew while she cuddles her darling and sometimes we both sew while he naps in his stroller. He is almost completely outfitted now. We think it will take just one more 'sewing day!'


Lorraine said...

love the hair play!! you have been having fun ....sewing and spending time with precious family....what more could you ask for!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hair artistry looks so cool - what a fun avtivity for sisters to do together. I love how your little Grandson is wearing cloth nappies - something quite rare these days - I will have to investigate a snap press.

Katherine said...

How fun! I think it's great that your daughters are so creative. How nice for Miss 18 to have Miss 16 to use as a model for her ideas. It sounds like fun!

Bravo on the cloth nappies! Sounds like you and Mrs. Picklesticks make a great team. Be sure to show us some of your finished ones.

Life's little stuff said...

Sounds like heaps of fun. Love a pic of Miss16's do.
Do you reckon sewing is our kind of playing? : )
I think we need more of it - Yay.

Hugs to all - Big and small
PS : Sticking up hair is creative, Right? Ergo I look creative in the mornings.

Anonymous said...

The hair is FABULOUS!! simply love it! And how much fun you must have with your gorgeous grandson!!! My kids are only preschoolers and I am already looking forward to grandkiddies!! Enjoy sewing together for your little angel, I can just see he will be the coolest baby on the block!!!

Bird Bath said...

it must be fun sewing for a wee little one :)
I like the hair-art...and you're right - dressing up is fun we all can have.(mind you I'm wearing trackies and ugg boots today, it has been so cold this week!!)

lulu. said...

wow that hair is amazing!!

Lucy Lou said...

Hair art - my favourite kind of play!