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Saturday, 26 July 2008


I don't have any photos today. For the last month I have been having computer problems. (Miss 22 - don't worry too much. It can be fixed. Everyone else - what's hers is mine while she's away!) Computer access is just so much more important to me than it was a year ago. I love to check my emails and all my favourite blogs everyday. (Okay, strike the word favourite out! If it's a blog, I'll read it.) So I have been using my Bradley's computer and right now I'm using an Asus Eee. It's a teeny tiny computer that does everything I need! Mr 19 is still setting it up for me, (oh yes! I am soooo computer literate!!!) so I don't have access to my photos tonight. One of the interesting things about using all sorts of different computers over the last month (any I could beg, borrow or steal!) is how different my blog looks on different screens. Everything looks great on my 7 inch Eee screen, but my Pooh sticks post looked terrible on Bradley's computer!

Today we got up early to take Miss 11 to her basketball game. Basketball means we never get to sleep in on Saturday, but we do get to see Miss 11 smile. A lot. She loves to play basketball. I have learnt many things in basketball stadiums over the years. Some of them are even to do with basketball. One thing I know now is that it's generally colder in a tin shed (ooops! Basketball stadium) than it is outside at 8am. It was soooooo cold at Wayville this morning. All the parents were shivering! Some of us were grateful that we weren't outside in the rain watching netball, or football, or soccer. The rest of us were just cold. One of the Dads kept saying, 'I can feel a draft. Can you feel it?' Eventually we worked out that the wall behind us had a series of vents in it. No wonder we were cold!!! I got to stitch while I watched and cheered for Miss 11 and her team.

Miss 11 was most productive today. After her basketball game she worked on her sudoku quilt. She has started piecing it and it's going well. I spent the afternoon tidying up in my sewing room. You know how it is when you can't see your desk! It's hard to be productive under such circumstances, so I figured some tidying was in order. Tomorrow morning we will go to church, (I get to teach a lesson tomorrow in Relief Society) and tomorrow afternoon I will be in my sewing room. I can't wait!


Katherine said...

So glad that despite your computer problems that you've worked out ways to access other computers to use. I know I would be lost without access to blogland and emailing.

Sounds like you have the makings of a great weekend underway. Enjoy the rest of it!

Kate said...

I like that comment "if its a blog I'll read it", that's how I feel too.