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Thursday, 3 July 2008

July and jewelery making.

It's July! Time is flying. My computer is on the 'blink'. It seems to have forgotten all about the internet and every time I try to connect it says, "WHAT???". Like that. I have finally borrowed a computer so I can get some very neccessary net-time. Hmm... Sounds like I have gone to considerable effort, rather than asking a family member if I can use their computer. (I'm using Bradley's computer.)

Miss 11 has been making jewelery. She has had all sorts of equipment for some time now, but has just made a few pieces, up until this week. She seems to have crossed some sort of barrier and is now making all kinds of things. She has been borrowing books about beading from the library and suddenly seems to know what to do. Learning is interesting, isn't it?

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Bird Bath said...

yes sometimes it can take a bit of time to find the confidence or inpiration even when all the resources are available.
libraries are a fantastic source of inspiration for us.