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Thursday, 3 July 2008

the Snap Press

A couple of weeks ago I talked about our 'new' snap press. Some of you (Okay, just comfy cosy!) wanted a photo of my magnificent machine, so here it is! Picklesticks (Mrs 23) did all the research and the actual purchasing of our press, but I chipped in half the cash. (Some might say a small contribution, but not insignificant!) It is heavy! And it attatches the most amazing plastic snaps. They are available in many colours and are very strong snaps. (I was worried about them 'staying on'. No problem. You have to worry more about putting them on in the right place, because they don't come off if you've got it wrong!) I'm in love with it, and I didn't even know it existed until Mrs 23 told me about it! It is so quick and easy to use. Mrs 23 was interested in purchasing one because she wanted to use cloth nappies for her son and wanted to use fitted nappies (for comfort) that she made herself. She has made the nappies and they are beautiful. It's quite possible that neither one of us will ever sew a buttonhole again!


Katherine said...

Your snap press looks similar to the button press my husband bought for making covered buttons back when he did upholstery.
Great idea to have the snap press for making those cloth diapers custom fitted. This handy tool should make quick work of it!

Lorraine said...

great idea to make cloth nappies......clever Mrs 23! That snap press is an awesome looking machine!!

Life's little stuff said...

OMG It's huge! I didn't realise! I'm gobsmacked!
That is brilliant. I had a little hand thing - not impressive at all. But yours is amazing.
Cheers Tina

quiltygal said...

How nice to have someone using cloth nappies!!I don't think you can beat them...hope the little man is doing well... you might have a queue at your place of people all of who never want to make a buttonhole again....

Cosy said...

Thanks for the picture of the snap-maker. It helps to visualise these things. I've only used a handheld thingo which was very ineffective. (I made myself all-in-one pjs when I was 13, with lots of snaps, for some unknown reason!)

Hope it gets lot of use!

Levin (and Emily) said...

it looks positively amazing. have fun snapping everything.