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Saturday, 19 July 2008


I have spent the past couple of days in bed feeling terrible. Today I don't feel so bad and thought I would get up and be busy, but haven't gotten there somehow. I am dreaming today I guess. I have been looking out of my window. The weather is so changeable. I was looking at the blue sky and thinking just how beautiful it was so I took a photo. About 15 minutes later I noticed that the room was darker and I couldn't believe how grey the sky had become.
So I took another photo. The second photo looks so wintry! I have been doing more than cloud watching. Not much more. I have been organising my stitching trolley. (I am a stitching angel now!) Photos later.


Jenny said...

i hope you are feeling better-the weather certainly has been changeable-very very windy here at the moment.

LOUISE said...

A great contrast between the two photos. We have been having a little of both sorts of weather over here in the UK. The former makes me feel happy, the latter makes me feel very glum. I hope you are feeling brighter now. x

Bird Bath said...

soometimes I need just a little bit of sunshine to inspire me ....the weather has been so grey lately - I'm looking forard to spring!