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Saturday, 2 August 2008


Here I go again, can you believe that it's already August? Time is flying this year!

Now that we've got that out of the way, look at this! I love the blog Small Space Style. So many beautiful things to look at! My perfect dining room (this week, anyway!)

I would love to have this retreat (shed!) in my backyard.

And my perfect bathroom (tonight, that is!)

August. Is it hot where you are? It has been quite cool here (for Adelaide) and we almost made our July rain average. Bradley and I were driving in the hills today and drove past Kangaroo Creek dam. Where's the water? No wonder Mike Rann says there's no water despite the fact that we have had a little bit of rain!


Lotti said...

What an awesome blog....I just love it. I love good ideas for small spaces, and am always on the look out for them.

These things are so pretty!!! I knew blogs were good for something...now I know what.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful photos of beautiful rooms! I love that little retreat space....hmm, I can see myself sitting there with some handwork watching the world go by...dream, dream, dream!!!

Cosy said...

Wow, imagine having a bathroom like that? It would have to be a demonstration bathroom only; no one could use it!