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Sunday, 10 August 2008

A new sewing room clock!

Isn't it lovely? I thought it was a very apt clock for my sewing room, considering the clothes I sew! I have been considering a sewing room clock for some time now. (Like the time I was sewing and got carried away and didn't realise I was late for a physio appointment. Time flies when you're having fun!) I have been looking for just the right clock and you'll never believe where I found this one.

At the hardware store!!!

I know! Crazy, huh? I am almost as passionate about hardware stores as I am about patchwork shops. They are Bradley's favourite store and I love to go there with him. I also love the 'paint' section. So many wonderful products and so many fantastic ideas. I love to look at handles and letter boxes and plants and outdoor furniture and shadecloth and timber and... the list goes on! I am not that keen on power tools so I look a little and then hit the paint section. Power tools are Bradley's favourite so he stays there and meets me in the paint section when he's done. I guess we've got it all worked out! Do you love hardware stores too?


Lorraine said...

nice clock! My dad loved hardware stores...my other passion besides patchwork shops is stationery! Just love the pens and pencils and all the yummy things you find in there....used to run one in another life before this one....it is still going too (lost it in the divorce settlement)LOL

Kate said...

That is a great clock - can't believe you found it at a hardware store!

Anonymous said...

What a cool clock...looks like something you would buy from one of those designer type giftware shops.

Sweetie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and congratulations on your grandson. Grandchildren are among of life's greatest Blessings! I love your site and your sewing intrigues me. I sewed when my girls were young and made my daughter Michele's wedding gown. I'll post it some time. Later today I'll take time to view your other blogs. You are one talented lady!


Narnie's Notations said...

I love to go to Bunnings. It's HUGE! I go to the bathroom section and dream of the day when I can afford to spend $20,000 or more pulling out my bathroom and re-doing it! Meanwhile Paul is in the electrical aisle, choosing all sorts of stuff that I don't recognise!

Even better than hardware stores though, is a camping store! I just want to buy every clever gadget there - but if I did, can you imagine what size truck we'd need to go camping, just to fit everything in?!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty clock! I love going to hardware stores, and getting "fix-it" type of stuff. One year I told my mom to get my hubby some tools for Christmas so I could have them (hubby's not handy) now it's a funny joke between my mom and I to "get Missy, I mean Shawn, this tool for ...!"