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Sunday, 10 August 2008

More baby outfits

Some more completed outfits for my grandson. I just love this pattern! I have used it many times for my own kids. In fact I have had it for 24 years! I have navy blue overalls almost finished too. I'm getting old and navy blue is too hard to sew at night, so I will finish them tomorrow morning. Ahh... the thin edge of the wedge! I haven't started holding things at arm's length to read them yet (I know all about it, because Bradley does it!) but I can't sew anything black or navy at night. Oh well, I guess that goes with the grey hair and the grandson!

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Anonymous said...

Love the outfits, what a great pattern. Oh and by the way when you get to the point that you need to read at arms length, I can teach you if you like. I'm very good at it. Really though it's very easy and after a while all you have to do is grow longer arms (LOL)!!!