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Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Family Activity & A Journal Quilt Challenge

I We went to Morialta Conservation Park for a picnic lunch today. When Bradley and I deem something to be a family activity that means that everyone has to come! It was a glorious afternoon. I sat and drew in my sketchbook. I am concentrating on texture in my sketchbook at the moment. Miss 11 and I went for a stroll together and came across this. I've heard of making mountains out of molehills, but look at this mountain of an anthill! And they were just tiny little ants too. I am participating in Minou's Minute's journal quilt challenge. The theme is nature and the challenge runs from September to November. Rush over to her website to join in (And see what a journal quilt is. I didn't know till I saw her post!) So, maybe the anthill will feature in a journal quilt here in the future!


Lorraine said...

oooo I had forgotten I had put my name down for that one.....have never made a journal quilt so will be checking out your blog to keep me up the the mark!! LOL

LOUISE said...

It must have been a really lovely day for you Kris, to be spending it with all your family. We saw these anthills when we visited Australia, I hadn't ever seen one before. x

Granny Lyn said...

Talk about texture! that ant-mountain is a wonderful challenge!!

I have never done a journal quilt either, so I'm off to have a look-see!

Suzanne said...

I really like that photo...lots of ideas for a nature journal quilt. I'm glad you are joining us!


Bird Bath said...

What a nice day out! It's great that you do things together - helps the family stay in touch. looking forward to hearing more about your journal quilt.

Jenny said...

Oh I haven't been to Morialta for years-such a lovely place.Great ant hill photo-love the texture too.

Levin (and Emily) said...

we used to have lots of family picnics and bbq's at morialta. i haven't been back there for so long but it's such a beautiful place, i should really go.