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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Balranald - frog capital!!!

We are holidaying and discovered that Balranald is the frog capital! It seemed very dry there, so I'm not sure how their frogs are getting on, but their inanimate frogs are just wonderful! Mr 7 poses with his new frog friend, and I couldn't resist these guys below.

We are driving, driving, driving and having much fun along the way! Hope your week will be fun too!


Jenny said...

Road trips are such fun! Enjoy!

lynne said...

You look like such a lovely woman, with an amazing family!! I'm so glad you commented on our blog so I could come here and see this. It's so neat to connect with LDS women all over the world.

Jeanne said...

How fun! The frog on the bench looks like best pals with your son. The trio of frogs is great, too. Enjoy your vacation.

Lotti said...

Hey Kristin, Love the frogs...very cool. I collect frogs so love anything to do with them. Have a great time away...apart from the driving, driving, driving.

Lucy Lou said...

The frogs are heaps cute! Did you find out who the artists were? Who were they commissioned by? What was their purpose in being put there? Do you think the frogs are effective and interact well with their surroundings?

I've been doing too much sculpture homework. Hope you're having fun!


Bird Bath said...

the top photo is really funny..they look like great pals :)