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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What a pleasing sight!

Mr 19 doing the dishes for me. We have a new job or chore roster here this week. We're hoping it works. ( Definition - "works": jobs get done without nagging from either the mother-one or father-one. Times this has happened previously: 0. Possiblity that the parents are out of touch with reality: 100% ) Oh well, so far about half of the jobs have been done. It's day 2. I think there's still hope. Wish me luck!!!


Lotti said...

Pretty sure this is reality for most parents of teenagers!!

Levin (and Emily) said...

what a lovely sight! our kids help out with the dishes. one does it begrudgingly but they get done. i think it's very important for their development that they do their bit towards the running of the household.
mind you i have moments of regret when i open my cupboards and see how they put things away. hmmmmmm

LOUISE said...

May get one of these going for my other half, instead of me keep asking! I hope Mr 19 is keeping up with his chores? x

Bird Bath said...

Yay! It's the prompting that gets to me....my eldest helps around the house a lot....but doedn't realise it needs to be done until we mention it!