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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Teeny, tiny nighties.

This is what the teeny, tiny nighties I'm working on this week look like. The flannelette is so soft! These are nighties two and three (number one escaped the house without being photographed). Some have buttons and buttonholes, and some have snaps.

This is a snap one. Wow! They are so quick and easy to do. I'm really loving our snap press purchase. So worth it. I'm thinking of taking a photo of the snap press to post here in order to memorialise it. Wonder where the camera is?


Cosy said...

I don't think anything can get any cuter. Maybe the baby him/herself??!!

Yes, please publish a pic of the snap press. I'm interested to see how big it is and how it works.

Bird Bath said...

They look very snuggly...not long until you meet the new arrival - you must be very excited!