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Sunday, 15 June 2008

My baby!

It's really quite strange when your baby grows a baby. This is Mrs 23 at 39 weeks. Of course she doesn't look like a baby and she hasn't been a baby for a long time. I think she is very excited and can't wait to meet her baby. She is due next weekend. She and her bloke are ready to go any day now!


LOUISE said...

Let's hope we will be celebrating another birthday in the family soon. I hope the girls enjoyed their consecutive birthdays! x

Levin (and Emily) said...

we missed you yesterday!
but as i am reading all your posts i realise that you were way too busy.
i'm very excited for your daughter - its such a special time. i hope, for her sake, that she is not two weeks late like i was, as then it's not so much exciting as very frustrating. and how lucky are you - to be able to hold a little babe once again - but still sleep at night. i can't wait!!

Bird Bath said...

Best wishes for your birthday girls...and the the mother to be. I bet you are ALL excited!

Minou said...

She looks great, but I think all pregnant mommies-to-be look beautiful!

Happy b-day to the girls.


Ausrose said...

You should have a Family Birthday Day - then its all done at once!!! LOL...no not a good idea really, everyone should be able to celebrate their special day. Baby looks like its not too far away at all. Hope it all goes well.

Kate said...

How exciting! She looks fabulous!