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Thursday, 5 June 2008


I have been taking my camera with me everywhere this week, but haven't managed to
remember to take any photos! I love the photo of this tree!

I have been busy running around this week. Appointments. Physio, doctors, x-rays, school councellor, Cirkidz, bookshops, you know the type of thing! Tomorrow I hope to get back into my sewing room. Today the only thing I did that is anything remotely like sewing was to visit Hettie's Patch. It is such a pretty shop! Next time I rob a bank Hettie's Patch will be my next stop! Well, okay! I don't really rob banks. I guess I would just like to take a wad of cash to a fabric store and spend it! Strange goal, huh?


LOUISE said...

It will be nice for you to have a relaxing day with some sewing thrown in. x

Minou said...

The tree photo is beautiful!


Levin (and Emily) said...

i go in to hettie's every wednesday. it's terrible - i will never be able to save for a house if i keep going in there.
it is such a beautiful shop though. will you be going to the morning tea on the 15th?

Leanne said...

Love your new header.....is it Port Adelaide it looks very familiar to me. Hettie's is a treat. It is like a second home to me when ever I start the sentence "I'm going" my family finish it for me "to Hettie's". Are you coming to the morning tea it would be great to meet some fellow bloggers.