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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Our new dining room.

I have mentioned here many times that we are renovating. We have been doing it for seven years now. We started by building an extension to our three bedroom home. (Yes, there were ten of us when we moved in!) Then we began renovating the spaces in the original house. Our ideas evolve every other week. This room was originally the master bedroom. It is near the front door. Initially I thought that we would use this room as a lounge room or sitting room, but it just never really worked. We moved the doorway and put in double glass doors togive it a 'living room' vibe rather than a bedroom vibe. Bradley built some book storage, because this room is also our library. Just recently we began thinking about having a dining room rather than an eat-in kitchen and decided that this room would work quite well as a dining room. So we emptied it of all the junk and put our HUGE table in there. We bought the table at a secondhand shop. I loved the size of it and put it on lay-by immediately. It wasn't until we picked it up a couple of months later that we measured it and realised that it was way too big for our kitchen. ( It is 1.25M X 2.4M and extends to 3M) We sighed and put it outside in the shed thinking that it could go on our deck one day. (The deck comes after the house.) The new dining room works beautifully so I thought I would sort through all of our books and tidy up the bookshelves. (There are books behind the doors too.)

They look much better in this photo! This room was named 'The Semaphore Municipal Library', which worked when it was a sitting room. The kids think it's really funny having such a long name for a room. Of course, you can just call it the library, but where's the fun in that? Now that it's a dining room I think it should be called 'The Semaphore Municipal Library and Cafe', but there's a little resistance to that! Do you have names for your rooms? Crazy or otherwise?


Leanne said...

How come you have so many children and your house looks so neat and tidy LOL.

Jenny said...

I love the name and think it is a lovely space and that huge table is just perfect

Levin (and Emily) said...

our first house in australia was a two bedroom house - there were 8 of us! it's a great learning lesson really - the art of compromise. i love your library/cafe. we don't have names for our rooms - the only strange thing we have is an outdoor area which has been affectionately named 'the men's room' as the boys all helped to build it. girls are allowed though.

Bird Bath said...

Library/Cafe has my vote....What a great room! I love the large table - do you all eat together often? We do and I really treasure that together time.
The large table would be great for working together too,on homework and craft.

Sarah Nopp said...

Oh- you really need to make a nice long wallhanging with that name on it to hang above the shelving. And maybe get some napkins and embroider the initials SMLC at the corners!

Andry said...

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