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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Blogging - be nice and make it pretty!

I am a 'big blog' addict. I love meetmeatmikes and mellyandme and leanneshouse and all sorts of others. I get so excited reading their blogs and looking at all their comments. I used to sigh a lot when reading them and wish I lived in Melbourne, cause then I could meet them all and be their best friend and talk crafty things to real people in real life. But then I would remember how much I like Adelaide and realise how crazy I am. So I started looking out for Adelaide bloggers and it turned out there's quite a lot of them! And they're cool! And they craft excellent stuff! And some of them will be at Hettie's Patch this Sunday (biggest morning tea) and it's getting exciting!

I have been reading Pip's blogging hints at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com and I think my blog is due for a prettiness overhaul. I think I'm going to try some things out. Stay tuned!


Cosy said...

I've been reading Pip's posts too and taking up her suggestions. At the moment it is commenting more, and more creative comments, ie more than 'nice picture'!

Hey, and I just realised you changed your banner! 'Nice picture'! Just kidding... it's a very lovely picture.

Good luck with the meetup. I've pined after the Melbourne bloggers too and wished to be part of their gang but then I'd have to leave the house and be sociable. One step at a time!!

picklesticks said...

Oh wow! It is prettier. I want to pretty my blog up a bit too. I also want to blog there more often. I will just have to keep being inspired by yours and try to spend more time on mine.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i'm going to hettie's so i will see you there. i can't wait to meet others.
i love what you are doing with your blog - it's looking mighty pretty!

quiltygal said...

Going to Hetties too so will hope to see you there we should have blogger badges??

Bird Bath said...

You've really spruced up around here - looking good!! The banner is splendid.I hope you enjoy the bloggy get together...maybe we might see a little recount of events?