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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Shelves by Bradley

These are the shelves that Bradley made last week for the girls. They loved them so much and were so desperate for the storage that they decided on the 'mdf' look. (Couldn't wait for them to be painted!) Miss 16's shelf is above and Miss 18's is below. They are now sharing a room. Miss 16 has the pages of a novel (one of her favourites) on her wall. She managed to get one secondhand at a library sale, and since it was falling apart she felt that it was asking to be put up on her wall.

Miss 18 was inspired by the look and decided she would do the same thing on her wall. One of her nicknames is 'dictionary queen', so she decided her book would have to be a falling apart dictionary. (She loves reading and reads the dictionary for fun. I know, I have weird kids. Don't they say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?) Anyway, they now have shelves. Which is good because Miss 18 got five books for her birthday !

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Bird Bath said...

I think the shelves look great...lucky you have a handyman. And the pages on the wall really make it look unique.
I would love to have some time to read the dictionary...her vocabulary must be extensive!!