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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Happy Birthday! (again)

Saturday June 14 is Miss 21's birthday. She turns 22 today. Two in a row! We have a couple of birthdays in a row at our house. It was quite stressful when I was pregnant with Miss 18, because Miss 22 really didn't want to share her birthday with the new baby! That makes her sound like a monster, but the year before on her 3rd birthday my sister gave birth to her first child. Miss 22 said she didn't mind sharing with her cousin, but didn't want to share with a brother or sister. The baby was due on the 11th of June and I felt quite confident that it would not be born on the 14th. On the 12th I started to get worried, but felt relief when I went into labour just before midnight that night. (It had never taken me longer than 12 hours to have a baby, so I was pretty sure that the baby would be born on the 13th.) So, while it's not great to have your birthday the day after your sibling, it's way better than sharing a birthday! Happy birthday Miss 22! We love you.

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