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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Rugs and other things.

I was thinking about the 'hello June' post from earlier. I do sew just about everyday. There seem to be so many things to sew, other than clothes. Like rugs for the new baby. Early in May Mrs 23's sewing machine had a health crisis (a breakdown, in fact!) and had to be at the fixit shop for ten days. She missed it so much. Not just 'oh no, I can't sew', but she was surprised at how much she repairs and quickly uses her machine for all sorts of bits and pieces. She wondered how people who don't have a sewing machine get by. I guess I'm the same. I frequently have repairs and alterations to make. Some kids need hems taken up (Miss 16, shortest girl) and some (Mr 19, tallest boy) need hems let down. All the kids seem to rip their clothes. Young ones rip clothes at the knees, but as they get older they outgrow this tendancy and rip their clothes in all sorts of places. And then some mother fixes the rips. I am also busy making bags and covers as part of my 'declutter the world and get organised' journey.

I make basket liners, cushion covers and I sew curtains too. I just love to sew!

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Levin (and Emily) said...

i don't sew as much as i would like to. i haven't actually learned to sew and i find the idea of making clothes (other than a line skirts) very daunting. perhaps i should have lessons.