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Sunday, 1 June 2008

It's June!

I know I've said it before, but this year is really racing away! It's June already. Almost half-way through the year. Time to take stock I think. I had all kinds of goals for 2008. Some of them you can see in my side bars.

1. Knit six items.
2. Sew 52 items of clothing.
3. Finish 6 quilts.

I'm cruising along with the knitting thing, as you can see. Thanks mainly to the promise of our first grandchild (due in three weeks!) which has inspired me to knit some small, achievable projects.

I'm way behind with my sewing goals. I should be up to garment number 22 to keep the clothing goal real. The idea behind this goal was that, being blessed to have a permanent sewing space, I should be able to sew an article of clothing each week without really trying. Perhaps it's the "without really trying" phrase that's letting me down! Perhaps I should begin trying! I have spent a lot of time sorting things, though, and my sewing supplies are more organised than they have been for years. I guess I decided sometime in February or March that I needed to get rid of some stuff that I was never really going to use. The resulting purge has been wonderful. It's such a relief to get rid of things! Especially things that have no home. This feeling has led me to embark on an organisational/purging binge of the whole house. Something which is going to take the rest of 2008 I think, but well worth the time I'm investing!

The quilting goal has gone by the by, but there's still hope! Now that I'm more organised I may get to the quilting.

This is a pictureless post, which doesn't happen very often here, but I was keen to assess my progress. More photos soon!

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Lorraine said...

Yes the year is flying by....and I hope all goes well with the new grandbaby......I wouldn't worry that you haven't achieved as many sewing "goals" as you wanted.....getting anything finished is a great thing I think.....!