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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Today's crafting

Several of my daughters are doll makers, or softie makers. While I was young I spent time making doll's clothes, but never dolls. I liked the idea of making dolls and even bought fabric for a pattern I found in magazine, but I never actually made a doll! Well, here she is! My first doll. In all her naked glory. As soon as she's dressed I'm sending her off to Mikes for their softies for Mirabel drive. Today Pip said on Mikes blog "it's not too late!" So I thought I'd better give this girl a face and a dress and send her off!

Wip. I cut out this fabric from spotlight

using this pattern
for Miss 10's "Sunday" dress. And spent time knitting the scarf I'm working on while the kids played at a homeschooling friend's house. I love knitting because it's just so portable! I have carted all kinds of projects around with me over the years. You know, to ballet, basketball (training and games), music lessons, ante-natal visits, craft classes, ice skating, picnics (we homeschoolers go to a lot of picnics!) etc, etc! In the past I have taken any kind of hand work, but these days I like to take knitting. You just need less stuff to do it!

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