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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Only 4 weeks and 6 days till Christmas!

Isn't that scary?!!! I'm planning to have a handmade Christmas and time is running away from me! Our tree went up November 13. This photo is an "under construction" photo. Our tree is much more lovely now. You can see my window seat in the background.

I have really been enjoying the namoblo...... whatever it's called! Some of my favourite bloggers have been posting every day and I'm loving it! It has actually inspired me to post more often too! And not just for people who come to read my blog. I'm enjoying rereading my posts too! Looking at how people who are posting every day post has changed the way I post too. I can now post just one photo and be happy! I can also post without a photo. Well, I'm not so comfortable with that one! I just love photos and seeing what everyone else has done! I made a nightie today for one of my older daughters. I'm having so much fun sewing clothes at the moment. Even the simplest clothes you make are so much better than store-bought clothes for all sorts of reasons! The nightie I made today was made of seersucker which I bought on clearance from Spotlight and cost me $2.50. It's cool and covers you too! So many nighties in the shops are so short and have no sleeves! Tomorrow I hope to work on "Sunday" clothes for Mr 7 and Miss 10.


de vliegende koe said...

Time is flying indeed! I’m running between my computer and my sewing-machine lately! That’s some early Christmas tree! We start decorating after December 15th. Have fun! I’m happy I did not join in the NaBloPoMo!

tiel said...

when do you take your tree down?

ours is still in the box. I bought a bigger one this year. the last one was a table top one, and now that the kids understand more about Christmas I thought it was time. I'm holding off until December.

Life's little stuff said...

arrrggghhh. Christmas . Noooooo.
Sorry. just had to get that off my chest. I'm planning on homemade knitted dish cloths, biscuits and truffles as presents this year. But our tree isn't going up till a few weeks before Christmas and I don't feel as organised as you look. ( does that make sense?)
huggs Tina