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Monday, 19 November 2007

It's HOT!!! (listen to me whinge)

At the moment this is my favourite photo. It's the slushie/icee stand at our local 24 hour servo. (What's with all this 24 hour stuff? Now Maccas is open 24/7 too! Go to bed people! No wonder we're all so tired.)

I love the whole "chill" concept. We are still having temperatures over 30 degrees celcius (36 today) and I'm done. It's not even summer yet! Talk about global warming! My teenagers were busily engaged in a conversation today discussing the natural consequences of hot weather and how it forces you to slow down. Slow down? I've come to a stop. Hopefully I will make something tomorrow!

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Life's little stuff said...

hey , right there with ya! hot days are slow days! or stop days. I really love fans on hot days and special cool drinks like lemonade, ice and fresh pineapple in a blender.
oh and you wanted my email
Stay cool man .
cheers Tina