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Friday, 9 November 2007

My week

I can't believe that it is Friday! This week has gone by so quickly. Well, I have achieved some things. Mr 13's room is finished and today we will move him in. I'll show you some photos when his furniture is in. I have also been to IKEA twice. Okay. I know it's an obsession. It's up there with fabric and patchwork shops in my life. Anyway, I have a good excuse for the two visits. I went to help two different people. I have also signed up to make a softie for Mirabel and Mike. Notice I said "signed up" and not "made". I don't often make softies, but it seems like a good cause so I thought I would help out.

This photo is another one taken at Melba's (the chocolate factory) on the weekend. Don't you just love trees? I do. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this beautiful fig tree. Fruit trees are one of my favourite types of trees. I also love tree shade. I remember being a small child when I realised that the shade from trees was "better" than other shade. It's cooler and more refreshing than man made shade. Living in a hot place I appreciate the quality of tree shade.
These jam labels are also from Melba's. I took this photo because I remember the jam label's from my breakfast table as a child. Growing up I was an avid reader and I spent a lot of time looking at labels because they had words on them.
This is Mr 7 on a comfy chair at Melba's. The chair was carved out of a piece of wood and he loved it! It fitted him perfectly! Back to the crafting grindstone!


laura said...

Hi kris
Thaks for your mail'
Your blog looks so 'inviting' want to go to adelaide when I read your stuff.
* children did I read this wright,Ive got 3 and thought that was much!We were thinking about number 4 but...no.Where will my time be>...wat about me,myself and I.Sounds horrible.
How do you do it,Ive got a lot of admiring for you!!!!

Life's little stuff said...

how true - tree shade is the best! I have to plant some trees and to satisfy everyone it has to be a shade and a fruit tree . Which tree do you think would fit that best? : )
btw loved our craft day. have to do it again.
huggs Tina