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Thursday, 1 November 2007


It's November! This week's knitting is a scarf. OK. I know that a scarf is nothing exciting, but this one is kind of pretty. I'm using two 8ply acrylic yarns and 6.5mm needles and a broken rib. So much easier than rib. I love fat yarn and fat needles! It makes it go so fast. I am doing a little each morning and evening and when I need to take a project with me. Knitting is so portable.

Work is progressing slowly on Mr 13's room. They are in the middle of laying a floating floor. They've got a whole team thing happening with Bradley on the saw and Mr 13 actually laying the floor. He's getting quite good at it. Their only problem is finding time! Oh! And the room is difficult. Most of the corners are not 90 degree corners, so there's lots of cutting to do.

I have been visiting Cherry Menlove's new forum. (Cherry of Pixie Wood) It's lots of fun! Pop in and chat if you like!

And not so fun was reading about "Meet Me At Mike's" sign being stolen. Vandalism is just so thoughtless and unkind. And expensive.

It's interesting, because this internet community must really be a community. I'm enjoying visiting with "friends" on Cherry's forum and I really felt upset to read about Mike's problems! See you later guys!

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