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Saturday, 3 November 2007

A day at Woodside

We had to go to the Adelaide Hills today. I was quite pleased about this, because my favourite patchwork shop (the Patchwork Apple) is in the Hills. We made a flying stop to the patchapple (our family's nickname for that shop!) and then we went to the chocolate factory in Woodside. I had never been there before. Today was a lovely day. Cool and gray with intermittent rain. My favourite kind of day.

So, not only is it a chocolate factory, but it's a shop too! They have lots of chocolates and even lollies for sale. Apparently the building used to be a butter factory and they have some old butter making equiptment on display.
They also have lots of chocolate/lolly memorabilia on display too. Don't you LOVE the giant life saver packet?
This is the view across the road from the factory. If you ignore the stuff at the bottom of the photo it's pretty picturesque. It was drizzling when I took the photo, hence the haze in the distance.
For some reason I've loaded this photo sideways. ( So much for my incredible new computer skills!) These are Mr 7's brand new pajamas. A little crumpled because I finished them yesterday and he wanted to wear them straight away, so they're slept in. The zebras came from spotlight a few years ago. (Hey! I'm a sewer. It goes without saying that my house is full of fabric. What else do you insulate cupboards with?)
The weekend is the time I "plan" out the next week. I say "plan" loosely because I don't plan so much as dream about what I could achieve next week. I had a great day today, so my dreams for next week are kind of large and unachievable! Let's see how I go. I dream of sewing, knitting, painting, writing, planning for "Art the Hart" (a festival/market at Port Adelaide), and lots more!


Cosy said...

Hey Kris! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! (Trying to tell myself I've recovered from daylight saving but really not sure!) A patchwork shop and chocolate together: my kind of post!

dutchcomfort said...

It’s so good to see you’re back in blogland. I visited often last Summer and didn’t see any new posts. Today I was checking the people who left the first comments on my blog and you were one of them! I will be back to visit again and read about what you have been doing!