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Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Are you hoping for a white Christmas? Over at Cherry Menlove's forum (talesfrompixiewood) we have been talking about all sorts of Christmas related things. It's made me think about some of the things that point to Christmas for me. My idea of snow is closer to the paper version below than the real thing because I've never seen snow. And anyway, it's HOT here.

I'm really enjoying blogging more often and I've been thinking about something special I can do for December. I think I'm going to blog about Christmas. The countdown, the preparations, what's Christmassy to me!


dutchcomfort said...

That’s some yummy fabric. Do you know the name of it? You have never seen snow? Do you know there are all kinds of snow. We often have the very wet sort of snow, that vanishes when it touches the ground. When the temperatures are really low the snow will stick to the ground and you can make snowballs and snowmen. They are built of billions little ice crystals. When you have a white layer of frost in your freezer en you scrap some of it in your hand, you will see crystals. Snow is close to that. So now I hope you can picture what snow looks like!

Life's little stuff said...

Its so pretty!
My sister went overseas last year and had a snowy christmas. I do love our hot ones too. I seem to remember lots of water fights LOL