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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Last week in review

We have been a part of some momentous occassions this week. It's interesting how some things immediately seem to be momentous, but others only become momentous upon reflection. I'm not sure what kinds of momentous we have had this week. A bit of both I suspect.

The first immediately momentous occassion occurred on Tuesday afternoon when Miss 17 sat her last high school examination ever. She is so thrilled to be finished school "forever", or at least until she begins university next year! She still has her art exhibition this coming Thursday evening, but just has to turn up and then disassemble her art works at the end of the night. She spent some time stressing over the last month or so, but not a lot of time. Her beautiful Bradley-built wardrobes were covered in notes for her exams several times.

I have spent this past week reading "new" blogs. Reading and bookmarking. It's amazing just how many people out there are spending time blogging! Well, I guess not that amazing, because I do it, why wouldn't others? What is amazing to me is how few bloggers I know in real life. Just Picklesticks and Tina. Maybe I know others who are secret bloggers. Who use psuedenoms and only blog in the dark. Maybe.

I quite often mention my blog in passing in casual conversations I have with people. So far no-one has even commented when I have casually mentioned it. Not even "Really? You have a blog?". No "what's your url?". And definitely no "Oh yes, I know. I read it religiously!". Looking at all these different blogs has made me consider my blogging. Why do I blog? I'm not really sure. I know I like it. I know I enjoy feeling part of a community. Not something that I feel very often out in the cold, harsh, cruel world. This blogging world is warm and soft. Cushiony even. I like that. Maybe I like to do it because it's better than talking to myself! I can write all I am thinking and feeling and have some feeling that somebody out there will read it and know what I'm talking about. I think it helps me too, to have a record of my achievements and ideas. Initially this is why I started blogging. But it seems to be evolving into a place to share my thoughts as well. Isn't this fun?

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Life's little stuff said...

Congrats Miss 17!
Love looking at blogs too. I haven't posted my favourites yet - but will do any minute now.
The ones i love to visit most are people I've met and I feel I'm keeping in touch.They're mostly knitting and homeschooling ones. It's nice to put a face to a blog.
cheers Tina