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Sunday, 25 November 2007

More happening in our house.

I finished Miss 10's Sunday dress in time for Sunday. Woo hoo! She wore it to church today. Hmm..... less successful on Mr 7's Sunday clothes. Oh well, there's always next week.

Miss 10 was out of her new dress and into her new nightie as soon as we got home from church! (today is kind of a jammie day for us!) I finished the nightie yesterday too.

I am 2/3 of the way through turning my bargain Ikea fabric into wardrobe curtains. As you can see from the photo below our wardrobe is a mess! We have 3 Ikea "coat racks" on the wall in our room with Malm drawers either side. We also have shoe racks (under the coat racks), mirrors and lights (all from Ikea). They form our "built-in" wardrobe. We always planned to put up curtains, but had to wait until we couldn't stand to look at for another moment. (of course)
This is the now not so messy look we were going for. I just love that fabric! We moved into this room not so long ago and we are still working on it. (Well maybe 6 months, doesn't time fly!!!)This one tiny portion of the room is how I want it to look. So, if I just face this corner and squint it's all good.
This week holds all kinds of possibilities. It's quite exciting standing on this side of Sunday with the week stretching out infront of me!

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de vliegende koe said...

You and the sewing machine must have worked overtime! Wonderful dress, nightie and what would we do without IKEA!! I love the curtains.