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Monday, 30 April 2012


Today has seen me unsewing. A lot. And it's not because I made a mistake. It was because Big W (a discount department store) made a mistake. Quite some time ago now they stopped selling flannelette nighties. In my world that is a mistake because I love flannelette nighties! I have had nightie discussions with real life friends and have come to the sad conclusion that I am possibly the last flannelette nightie wearer on the face of the earth. Apparently, wearing a nightie in bed and being comfortable is a talent that not many can boast of. (Trust me to be talented in a completely hidden section of life!) Anyway, I was perturbed when my nighties disappeared from Big W, but not distraught. I had a lot of nighties and knew it would be a long time before I ran out of them. Now I have run out. My last surviving nightie has started falling apart. The fabric that is, not the seams! So today I started unsewing my nightie so I can make a pattern from it and make some more. (It is sooo comfortable! I did discover a flannelette nightie in Best and Less last winter, but it was not comfy at all.) So this was what my day looked like.

Oh. And there was some of this today too. (It was a cold morning here in Melbourne!) Mr 18 sporting his beanie he knitted when he was 13.


dutch sisters said...

Clever you to make a pattern! You are not alone, i also love to wear flannelette nighties in winter.
groetjes, Corry

Sarah said...

That! is.the.coolest.18.year.old!

I so hear you with the PJs... Both my boys need PJs - but do you think I can find cotton for flanette one1. they like 2. that is not mixed with synthetics?!

Lotti said...

VOTE 1 FLANELETTE NIGHTIES. I love them. Very clever making your own pattern.

FloS said...

Good luck with your flannel adventures !

Shay said...

I wear flanny PJ's to bed myself (but not the pants ) . I understand your love of flannelette.

Good luck with whipping up some nighties . Im sure they'll be marvellous.