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Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's quite a blaze when you turn 18.

Eighteen candles make quite a blaze as our son discovered. It was a fun night with his choice of dinner and a treacle gingerbread cake to support the blaze. And of course, it was once again inside out pants day, which he instituted on his birthday many years ago. (So if you saw someone wearing their trousers inside out chances are they are related to my son! Most of his siblings join in.)


Lotti said...

Wow has that boy of yours grown up ..... and up literally. Happy birthday.

Joolzmac said...

What a cute tradition!

Shay said...

That IS quite a blaze. Darn it , I wish I'd remembered it was inside out pants day . I would have totally helped him celebrate!

Happy Belated Birthday Mr 18!