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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shhhhh! Finished, one quilt.

The colours are much pinker in real life I think.
A blue with white spot back.
Lucky Mr 18 is 6' 5" tall with ape arms. (Those are his fingers in the photo above) Well, it's finished. I thought the binding would be quick (I machine bound it) but it seemed not to be so quick today. I will be posting it off tonight, it is a secret gift!  Glad to be finished it, and glad to have an old project dealt with! Must get something up on my sidebar to record my finished projects and remind me of my goals for this  year.


Pip said...

Well done, handy to have someone that is 6'5" tall and with ape arms :) you would have no problems with quilt photos.

Shay said...

I'd like Mr. P to have ape arms...If i make a quilt that's bigger than 5 foot 8 inches we have a serious problem with keeping it off the ground.

Lucky recipient of this quilt. It's gorgeous Kris.

Jantine said...

Well done, another finish. And yes, it helps to see the finished and the goals!