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Friday, 20 April 2012


Sorry for the swearing people, but that's what I have been doing today.
The only fun thing today has been watching my kids knit this arvo.

Oh well, sometimes that's how it is. I have sorted out my sewing room bookshelves (which hold crafting books of every kind and music books - we keep the piano in there!) today. Another step closer to getting my sewing rooms completely set up. That has to be good!


Keira said...

Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

Shontelle said...

P'raps I could head on over and you could teach me how to work the needles.

Sue said...

I loved your knitting photos - althought I did think Ash was Joe!!!

Shay said...

I love how everyone is knitting in their pyjamas. That's my kind of house !

OzRose said...

The family that knits together - stays together!