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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Markets

We regularly go to two Farmer's markets nearby. Today was the Wheelers Hill market. (Next week is the Monash Uni market) We buy fresh fruit and veg and bread and enjoy looking at everything. Today it was a little foggy. Well, today at the market we bumped into people we know! That doesn't happen often, because we don't know that many people here.
Next up we went to the Finders Keepers market near the city. It was full of beautiful handmade & retro things and we were completely inspired!
I was most blown away by these JukeCases. Vintage luggage with speakers in them. Just plug your iPod in and turn it on! You can check them out here.
Oh. And I bought some hand printed fabric. Trust me to find some fabric!


Lotti said...

Oh wow, sounds like you had an excellent today. Love the hand printed fabric, looks gorgeous. What's the big building you are in .... is that the Exhibition Buildings, just wondering.

dutch sisters said...

Sounds like a wonderful market to visit! My son would love a juke case, what a great idea!

Lizzie said...

The link to the suitcases doesn't seem to be working and I'd love to see if I can buy one online! Would you be able to send me the link, I'd really appreciate it, great gift for the he who has everything..! Thanks,

Shontelle said...

Sounds fab. I love Melbourne - there always seem to be something happening.

Daisy Jayne said...

sounds like a great time spent by all... cities always have so much happening... nice choice of fabrics... look forward to see what you create with them

Lorraine said...

Of course you found fabric!!!! Melbourne ...how I love thee!

Shay said...

Those speakers are fabulous!