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Saturday, 7 April 2012

A little inspiration...

... so my Bradley and I went to drop some kids off at the basketball (to watch) this morning and then decided to go to the National Gallery of Victoria for a little inspiration. This is what we saw.

Some beautiful buildings (not the art gallery!), and then, I was able to add to my series of roadworks photos. I've decided that my first photography exhibition will be my roadworks series. Hey! I must really like them because I am often showcasing them here on my blog! So why not an exhibition? Here goes:

It was my first trip to the art gallery here in Melbourne. (Sad I know. I don't get out much. My sewing room has an awfully strong gravitational pull.) I saw lots of beautiful paintings and just felt like I should rush right home and paint. With paint and threads. It was a lovely day and now I'm going to sew.

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Lotti said...

Haven't been to the art gallery in Melbourne for years, but I love going there, it is just beautiful. So much to see and a great feast for the eyes and the mind.