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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Veggie pancakes

Last veggie pancake left.
Had a not terribly productive day today. Well, if you measure it by things. If you measure "productive" by more esoteric measures it wasn't too bad. I hit a bunch of secondhand shops with two of my daughters today. They really enjoy secondhand shopping. Miss 19, who has lived on her own this past year, and survived, loves clothes. She mostly only shops in secondhand shops because they have the prices she wants to pay. So she had a lovely time today. I tried to hit a couple of patchwork shops, but they were closed. I was a bit disappointed because I had checked out the website of one in particular and there was no mention of being closed. Of course, it meant that I saved money which can't be a bad thing!

Whilst out shopping our thoughts turned to dinner and Miss 19 declared a want for veggie pancakes. I hadn't made any for ages. I think all my veggie loving kids have moved out and the others are not usually very receptive to such veggie delights. Anyway, I cooked two large stacks and this was all that was left. Definitely making these again soon! While I am on a cooking/dinner track I must mention Frogdancer's latest post. You can read it here. What a bunch of inspiration she has for eating well, but for less money. The amount of money we spend on food has been on my mind a lot this year. Not that it is wrong to spend money on food, but (as Frogdancer points out) do you really want to pour a lot of money down your throat? Would it be better spent elsewhere? I'll leave you to ponder that...


Lotti said...

Looks like something I make a version of sometimes. They look really really good. I enjoyed reading Frogdancers post about saving money on buying food. Really good and interesting to read. Secondhand shops are the best ... you can pick up the best bargains there and get some great stuff too.

Leanne said...

They look yummy Lucas does a really yummy veg frittata I expect they are similar.

Pip said...

I've bookmarked Frogdancer, there looks to be a lot of good reading there. I've cut back on the food we buy by simply giving us smaller portions and making smaller amounts, (if there isn't any leftover then we can't eat it)seems to be working quite well.

Sarah said...

I will have to check the link out.

I have cut back on amount and also even some meals one less veggie. This has not really worked as the boys are still hungry and hit the muesli or what else they can find.

Food has gone up - simple reality.

SO that is why I am TRYING to get the veggie patch to be more productive than play...