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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My new system

 When I sew I like to work on more than one project at once. Sometimes people who work this way are thought to be easily bored, or procrastinators, or really just lacking commitment of any kind. (In my case all of those are probably true.) In the big "think about the new year" process I have been indulging in this month I have thought that possibly this could be quite a positive way to work, if only working on several projects at once didn't physically sabotage your work. So I have devised a new system to keep all the stuff from several projects under control.

the star flower project bag on my desk
I am calling it the "snap lock bag system". (Shhhh all of you who thought of this or similar systems a really long time ago! I just thought of it and the system and I are still in the romantic honeymoon phase!)

Some Kind of Wonderful project bag on my stool
 You see, I have done the stuff in the box/container systems before, but they never really worked out for me. My latest system involves big snap lock bags into which you place everything for a particular project. Everything in the bag is visible and the bags themselves can be put on the floor, under your sewing desk or even chucked across the room! (Which has an amazing therapeutic effect!)

the Kate Spain good fortune project bag (clearly this project has outgrown it's project bag) under my desk
And you don't get fabrics mixed up or lost in a mess of stuff on your desk! So far it's working for me. At the moment I am working on three projects. Today I managed to work on all three and my desk is still clear! It's been a good day! Swing by tomorrow to see if the system and I have managed to finish anything!


Leanne said...

That seems like a good system lets hope it continues. I often come up with brain waves some work some don't here's hoping yours does.

dutch sisters said...

Oke, that's what i need to do. Take all my projects out of their boxes and put hem in bags. Hope your system works for me too!
Groetjes, Corry

Pip said...

I like working on 2 or 3 (or more) projects at once, it keeps your mind active, and I like the bag idea, keeps everything visible, and I really like the idea of chucking the bag across the room - very therapeutic :)

Sarah said...

you crack me up Miss Kris!

What ever tickles you go with it honey!!!

BTW are you coming down for Fees stitching weekend in March down here?

seabreezequilts said...

Good luck on the system, I have devised many in the past a few that have worked for a bit, but love that honeymoon phase.

Anonymous said...

I think the system will work for you, I too start more then one item at the time and yes I think I am a procrastinator, but I don't care.....

Lorraine said...

I have several "systems" to store projects.....have found the see-through bags the best...if It's out of sight it may also be out ot mind.....but it sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming to see all the bags with their contents...so I put them away (or throw them across the room) so they are out of sight....so good luck with the system....enjoy the honeymoon glow of it.....oh and good luck with the packing/moving .....at least with all your projects in bags it will make moving them easier....you might want to make everyone who is moving responsible for their own stuff....that way you just get to move your clothes and your sewing stuff? Because the kitchen is Bradley's domain he can move that with his stuff? Let me know how you go with that LOL

Daisy Jayne said...

I often have the urge to clean up and find a system thats works for me.............. I am still trying (chuckle)